Titillating Romance for New Adults

The game’s rule is simple — everything but the cherry. No matter what the tasks ask of her and how steamy the sessions of the game get, Allie must protect her virginity.

As the prize money grows every session and the encounters become hotter and more passionate, Allie should have been ecstatic. After all, this is what she was aiming for when she signed up for the game—to know how it feels to be a woman desired, lavished, pleasured (And yeah, even used).

She never expected she’d be playing opposite Bruce— cash-strapped millionaire, a master of seduction, gorgeous in all angles and deceitful in so many ways. She also did not think she’d fall in love and want nothing less than to be a woman, loved.

Even with a major heartbreak looming, Allie wouldn’t quit halfway through the game. She must overcome the irresistible call of the flesh and Bruce’s deception and risqué overtures. If she succeeds, she’d bag the million-dollar prize money and protect herself from the man she believes she could love, cherry and all.

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